Building the Foundation for Decentralized Creative Futures


This living document is designed to grow and evolve in response to our context and the communities that adopt it. It is authored by, and accountable to, their input. It is the beginning of a conversation about the world we build next.  And it’s an invitation to see a future where creativity is shared and shaped in common.  

By removing barriers to decentralized governance, our goal is to make space for new voices to be heard. 



Palm Collective  embraces diversity and fosters a culture of inclusivity. We exist to uplift new voices and new ideas. We focus on providing equal access to technology and no-code tools, which help bridge the prevailing economic inequalities in traditional centralized systems. We advocate for democratizing technology and eliminating barriers to entry, which we believe are prerequisites for creating a more just and equitable society. Better creative futures will require dismantling exclusionary and discriminatory practices, and ensuring that our systems are accessible to all.

To build the foundation for decentralized creative futures, we offer a governance-as-a-service tool that empowers communities to establish their own governance systems. This enables them to influence the Palm ecosystem while retaining independence developing governance structures tailored to each community’s needs. Through this approach, communities benefit from the resources to self-organize, and the amplifying network effect of an ecosystem working together to further their collective aims. 


We believe that creator communities need agency and autonomy over their futures. Decentralization allows us to imagine a world we can see ourselves in, and the means to transform it.  

Palm Collective will enable creators to self-organize: leveraging a purpose-designed, open source, on chain governance as-a-service tool. Our vision is to empower communities to make decisions collectively, to manage their resources; to use their voice, to create positive change, and to practice self determination.

We began to build the infrastructure to empower our community.

On February 23, 2023, the launch of Palm Collective marked the beginning of a new era in support of creators, including all users, entrepreneurs, builders, developers, artists, students, teachers, fans & collectors. Everyone is a creator. By fostering a diverse network of Palm Communities within the Palm Collective, we aim to empower individuals and groups by giving them control over their own development.  Existing governance models proved inadequate in meeting the requirements of our artist and creators, hence the need for a new approach. Our vision is to allow every community to shape their destiny, and provide the ability to create Palm Communities without requiring advanced technical knowledge.  

The role of active participation in achieving decentralization is paramount to our philosophy. At Palm Collective, everyone is empowered to contribute to the development of our guidelines and tools. Our commitment to transparency and accountability is upheld through on-chain governance. When it comes to decision making within Palm Collective and Palm Communities, we prioritize decentralization and community engagement based on simple Proof of Contribution and frequent community calls.

At Palm Collective, every voice is valued and every viewpoint is given weight. Our continuous process of decentralization requires active participation from all members to scrutinize and refine the governing frameworks that shape our community. 

we build next


The Palm network's native token, Palm token, is the driving force behind a unique token contribution-weighted voting governance framework. We aim to go beyond the standard "one token, one vote" approach employed by current Governance tools.  Palm Collective is introducing a Proof of Contribution (Proofs) voting mechanism to overcome the limitations of token-weighted governance. This mechanism rewards community members with Proofs for their participation, contribution, and engagement, and for voting in Palm Collective, Palm Communities, and active Palm network projects. 

This new governance model enables more meaningful community representation in decision-making, encoding inclusion into the Palm Collective governance system. It’s bolstered by a mechanism that allows Palm Collective members to unlock votes by combining Palm tokens and Proofs: 

1.  Proofs Voting: requiring Proofs earned to vote.

2. Token Voting: requiring only Palm tokens to vote.

3. Hybrid Voting: requiring a combination of Palm tokens and Proofs to unlock votes.

Palm Collective has implemented a Palm reputation system to mitigate the effects of Sybil resistance. This system assesses your contributions, activity, and identification attributes linked to your PalmID; determining your access and influence in Palm Collective  and Palm Communities respectively, and enabling a reputation-based voting framework. 

With the enhanced governance process provided by Palm Collective, the community has more autonomy, equity, and impact; they arbitrate a fair and effective system, and the foundation for radically decentralized futures. 




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