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Welcome to this living document, which is designed to grow and evolve in response to our context, and the communities big and small that join our movement. It is authored with, and accountable to, the community's input. It is the beginning of a conversation about the decentralized world we collectively build next.  And it’s an invitation to see a future where creativity is shared and shaped in common.

To build the foundation for decentralized creative futures, the Palm Collective offers a governance-as-a-service tool that empowers Palm Communities (i.e. brands, artistic communities, developer communities, and organizations large and small), to establish their own governance systems. 

This enables them to influence the Palm Collective ecosystem while retaining the independence to develop governance structures tailored to each community's needs. Through this approach, Palm Communities benefit from the resources to self-organize, and the amplifying network effect of an ecosystem working together to further their collective aims.

The Palm Collective’s vision empowers people to shape their destiny, by enabling the ability to organize themselves using blockchain technology without requiring advanced technical knowledge. 

The Palm Collective is the first risk-free web3 playground.


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have emerged as a powerful concept for empowering community decision-making, resource allocation, and creative collaboration through on-chain governance. They encode belonging. DAOs allow us to imagine a world that we can see ourselves in, and the means to transform it.

Today, DAO infrastructure remains largely inaccessible to the world’s creative communities.

Our goal is to build a future where everyone belongs.

Palm Collective is a decentralized platform that provides access to governance infrastructure and resourcing for the world’s creative communities.

By joining Palm Collective, individuals and organizations can create, manage, and effectively self-organize their communities on-chain. 

There are no barriers to entry.

There is no gas fee associated with voting on PALM COLLECTIVE

There’s no technical knowledge required to launch a proposal or a community. 

Communities transform culture through collaboration. 

Palm Collective provides governance-as-a-service tooling that empowers users to establish their own governance systems. In turn, this enables them to influence the Palm Collective ecosystem, while retaining independence. 

PALM Communities benefit from the resources to self-organize, and the amplifying effect of diverse collective constituents.

This document lays out the technical foundation and mechanics by which creative communities can participate in Palm Collective.




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