Joining Palm Collective

Any person with a PalmID can join the Palm Collective by Collecting a Palm Collective Membership Proof.

Creating New Palm Communities

Palm Community

Palm Communities Factory Smart Contract

The Palm Communities Factory Smart Contract within the Palm Collective serves as the foundation for the creation and management of Palm Communities (SubDAOs). This smart contract acts as an orchestrator, facilitating the seamless establishment of new communities within the network.

When a new Palm Community is created, the Palm Community Factory Smart Contract is activated. It triggers the creation of a new Palm Community Smart Contract tailored specifically for the intended community

Each Palm Community Smart Contract is uniquely designed, to provide a dedicated space for community members to engage, collaborate, and contribute to their shared objectives, empowering each community with self-governing mechanisms.

Palm Community members gain access to these smart contracts, empowering them to create, manage, and execute proposals and grants aligned with the Palm Creator Collective objectives and the objectives of their respective Palm Communities. Palm Collective aims to allow every community to shape their destiny, with the first no-code, gasless governance-as-a-service tool.

These mechanisms enable communities  to initiate and manage their proposals, grants, and initiatives autonomously. Each Palm Comunity Smart Contract deploys that specific Palm Community Treasury, a dedicated treasury for the community to manage and create assets, like Proofs, NFTs, and other tokens, including its $PALM allocation (when available). 

A PalmID that has added 3 verifiers is eligible to create a Palm Community, and upon creation, the verified PalmID automatically assumes the role of the community administrator.

Palm Community allows member users to:

Any user with 3 verifiers added to their PalmID can create a Palm Community. Once the user adds the 3 verifiers of their choosing to their PalmID, the “Create Palm Community” button will be displayed at the top right hand corner of the “Communities” section of the platform.

How to Set Up a Palm Community

Request a proposal on the Community Forum, and the Admin can create proposals, including start and end date, voting threshold, voting structure (i.e binary or quadratic voting).

The user will be prompted to fill out the Create Palm Community Form

Once the form has been completed and the Palm Community Membership proof Distribution chosen, the user can simply click “create” to activate the Palm Comunity Factory Smart Contracts, which will be deployed instantly, with the functionality described in point 9 above.

Request a grant proposal on the Community Forum, and the admin can create grants, specifying grant amount types and criteria for submission, curation and voting.




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