PalmID Smart Contracts

PalmID Smart Contracts serve as digital profiles in the Palm Collective ecosystem, able to house multiple user accounts, assets, creations, collections, credentials, and permissions.

The PalmID enables users to unlock privileges, reputation, and amplify voting power within a Palm Community or the Palm Collective.

The PalmID follows the implementation of the ERC-4337 Account Abstraction Standard. 

PalmID Capabilities

PalmID is able to hold & transfer assets (i.e Proofs, NFTs, $PALM)

PalmID can be tied to one or various non custodial wallets

PalmID enables account abstraction allowing the user to streamline the blockchain transaction flow by compressing multiple transactions into one (i.e. token transfer approval, transaction delegation)

Users will set up their PalmID through the creation of a smart contract account which has the following properties and structure.

PalmID enables user recovery in case of a hack or lost keys

The PalmID Verifier Tool serves as a mechanism for users to augment their PalmIDs by incorporating both offline and on-chain verifiers (such as X, formerly Twitter, Meta, Discord, and email, among others). 

This additional verification process aims to fortify the authenticity of user identities within our ecosystem. 

By linking various verifiers to their PalmIDs, users contribute to reducing the influence of automated accounts and bots in decision-making processes. 

Moreover, as users tie more verifiers to their PalmID, they gain increased privileges and access to exclusive features within the platform, as detailed next, fostering a more robust and authentic user experience. 

The more verifiers tied to the PalmID the more power the user will have in the ecosystem.

Adding one verifier to your PalmID allows the user to:

Collect Proofs.

Participate in Grants.

Unlock Votes.

Enroll Palm Academy Courses within Palm Collective.

Adding one verifier to your PalmID allows the user to:

Additionally, Create a Proof.

Adding a third verifier to your PalmID allows the user to:

Minimum requirements to validate a X (formerly twitter) account:

Minimum requirements to validate Discord:

Additionally, Create a Palm Community. 

Minimum requirements to validate Linkedin:

The account should be at least three (3) months old.

Discord accounts should be at least three (3) months old.

Linkedin accounts should be at least three (3) months old.

PalmID Verifier Smart Contracts

PalmID Verifier Smart Contracts maintain the registry of all verified and legitimately proven PalmIDs, against one or more identifiers. 

The more identifiers tied to the PalmID, the harder it will be for a person or entity to fake their identity.

 The PalmID Verifier mechanism is meant to add trust to the protocol by allowing the users to see which PalmIDs have been verified against an identifier. 

This verification check allows the protocol to deter nefarious actors in the platform.




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