The Palm Collective is governed by Palm Proofs generated by both the Collective and individual communities. 

These Proofs serve a dual role, acting as evidence of community membership and as a mechanism for documenting specific events and contributions in the Palm ecosystem within time. 

Community administrators who require a token allocation for their community projects must submit applications to the Palm Collective. Vesting Programs are awarded during specific times of the year as part of seasonal vesting programs and are diligently reviewed by the collective.

Members have the ability to claim, mint, or receive Palm Proofs created by the original proof creator.

Palm Collective Toolkit

Palm Collective serves as the primary Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for the Palm Network, an Ethereum-compatible Layer 2 Polygon blockchain powered by CDK.

The Palm Collective’s mission is to provide the infrastructure for every community to self-organize; it coordinates community activities, proposals, and project promotions through token allocation initiatives.

To attain membership within the Palm Collective, users must establish their PalmID and fulfill the stipulated validation criteria, which will confer automatic proof of membership.

The Palm Collective Toolkit provides the ability to set up an identity on the Palm Collective Protocol (PalmID).

This PalmID, combined with a process of multiple validations, provides legitimacy to the user's identity and strengthens the integrity of the collective's overall governance protocol.




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