Palm Collective & Palm Community Proposals

Proposal Creation

Community Admins have the ability to transform active forum discussions into formal proposals. Forum discussions serve as a platform for community members to exchange ideas, explore different perspectives, and collaborate on potential initiatives. When a consensus emerges from these discussions or an idea gains significant traction, users can initiate the proposal creation process leading up to a Palm Collective & PALM COMMUNITIES vote

How to Create a Forum

Any user who is a member of the Palm Collective or respective Palm Communities can create a forum discussion. If the discussion gets consensus by the community. (Each community can define what consensus means, then that Forum proposal can be transformed into a governance vote by the Admin of the Palm Collective or respective Community.

How to Create a Proposal

The Admin of the Palm Collective or Palm Community is able to transform a forum discussion into a proposal outlining the objective, quorum, voting mechanics, voting period of the proposal. Palm Collective offers an intuitive interface that simplifies the proposal creation process, ensuring clarity and consistency in presenting ideas to the wider community.

Voting via Smart Contracts

each proposal can be voted on by using the voting smart contract that enables individuals on the Palm Collective or PALM COMMUNITIES to set forth the characteristics of each vote, this customization occurs at different stages, each offering a high degree of flexibility.

Proposal Design & Voting via Token-Gating

Users can select and configure allowlists, quorum and select amount of Proofs or $PALM (When available) that permit contracts & wallet addresses to participate in the governance, treasury and/or general voting event (i.e. Grant distribution, call for art votes, hackathons, etc). 

This functionality provides control over who can engage in the decision-making process of the Palm Collective & Palm Community proposals. 

Token gated voting allows users to enable access to content based on the Proofs collected and or token held within the PalmID.




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