Treasury Factory & Treasury Smart Contracts

The Palm Collective Protocol empowers Palm Communities by providing a robust Treasury Management system. This innovative feature allows each Palm Community to create and administer its unique treasury, fostering a dynamic and customizable financial ecosystem.

Token Diversity

The Treasury Management system supports a wide range of token standards, including ERC721, ERC1155, and ERC20. This flexibility enables Palm Communities to incorporate a diverse array of assets into their treasuries, accommodating both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Creation and Customization

Palm Community Admins can effortlessly create their treasuries, tailoring them to meet the specific needs and objectives of their respective groups. This includes defining parameters, setting access controls, and specifying the types of tokens to be held.

Upon the creation of a Palm Community, a default treasury is automatically created. This initial treasury is integral to the entity's financial framework, providing a starting point for the management of assets, including tokens conforming to standards such as ERC721, ERC1155, and ERC20.

Recognizing the need for nuanced financial strategies, the Palm Collective facilitates the creation of multiple treasuries beyond the default treasury. This advanced feature empowers Palm Communities to tailor their financial architecture to specific use cases, ensuring optimal resource allocation and strategic asset management.

The creation of additional treasuries is facilitated through the Treasury Smart Contract Factory, and is a key component of the Palm Collective. This Treasury Smart Contract Factory serves as the gateway through which Palm Communities can instantiate new treasury contracts, each uniquely configured to meet the entity's evolving financial requirements.

Asset Interoperability

The Treasury Smart Contract Factory is designed to ensure seamless interoperability between different token standards within the one treasury.


Governance and Decision-Making

Palm Communities can establish governance structures tailored based on their specific needs in order to enable decision-making processes related to fund allocation, token transfers, and other treasury operations leveraging blockchain technology, making each decision transparent, immutable and in real time, where each member of the community has a voice . This empowers Palm Collective and Palm Community members to actively participate in shaping the financial landscape of the Palm Collective and respective Palm Communities.

All treasury transactions and activities are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring accountability and providing stakeholders with the ability to audit the treasury's financial history. This transparency enhances trust among the Palm Collective and Palm Community members respectively.

Palm Collective Treasury Smart Contracts creates wallet addresses that are able to create, hold and transfer assets (i.e NFTs, SBTs, and Proofs among other tokens).

Treasury Factory: Smart contract used as a template for generating all treasury smart contracts

Treasury Smart Contracts: Users with a Verified PalmID can use the Treasury Factory to:

  • Create, hold & transfer assets: ERC-1155, ERC-721, ERC-721 Proofs and ERC-4973.
  • Hold and transfer $PALM.
  • Provide provenance information for all assets associated with a PalmID.  
  • Houses the registry of all smart contracts that form part of the Palm Treasury

Our Categories

We keep things fresh by changing up our grant categories each season. From technology enhancements to community engagement initiatives, there's a little something for everyone who wants to help us grow.

Palm Proofs Voting Mechanism

Palm Collective is introducing a Proofs voting mechanism to overcome the limitations of token-weighted governance. Proofs in the form of soulbound tokens which can not be sold or transferred. Once minted, Proofs are tied to a single wallet.  This mechanism rewards community members with Proofs for their participation, contribution, and engagement, and for voting in Palm Communities, and active Palm network projects. For example users who have minted Candy Community Proofs become members of the Candy Community which will allow them to unlock votes and manage treasury as per the governance set forth by the Candy Community.

Token Extensions Factory Smart Contract: enables Treasury Smart Contracts add new tokens to the assets they can hold, create and or transfer.

Proofs Extension Smart Contract: capable of creating Proofs for the Palm Collective & Palm Communities respectively. Palm Communities can use the Proofs Extension Smart Contract to create their respective Proofs and assign them unlock the respective Palm Community votes as per their respective governance process.

This new governance model enables more meaningful community representation in decision-making, encoding inclusion into the Palm Collective governance system. It’s bolstered by a mechanism that allows Palm Collective members to unlock votes by combining $PALM tokens and Proofs: 

  • Proofs Voting: requiring Proofs earned to vote.
  • Token Voting: requiring only $PALM tokens to vote.
  • Hybrid Voting: requiring a combination of $PALM tokens and Proofs to unlock votes.

Attendance Proofs: Any user with a Verified PalmID can create an Attendance Proof. Attancande Proofs are a way for you to show you contributed, attended, participated in an IRL or virtual activation within the Palm Collective ecosystem. Attendance Proofs may unlock votes if the Palm Community so chooses.

Palm Community Proofs: Palm Community Admins are able to create Palm Community Proofs, which are designed to gate votes on the respective Palm Community as per each Palm Community Governance

Membership Proof: Membership Proofs grants the user with a verified PalmID the ability to collect the Proof that will grant membership to the Palm Collective or Palm Community. Palm Community membership can be opened or by allowlist as chosen by the Palm Community Admin. The Palm Collective membership is open. Mint your Palm Collective Proof and join the movement.

Proofs can be collected by a user with a verified Proof as long as they meet the Proof claiming criteria. 




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